Acquiring Photographs

After many years in Far North Queensland and many thousands of pictures I am now in Canberra. With my relocation both my website and I are undergoing a revamp as I locate new suppliers, figure out how to get things done and complete a large contract. I will then be putting in a more online friendly ordering system. In the meantime, if you are interested in my work you can contact me via phone or email.


Caring For Your Photographs
Photographs should not be exposed to excessive heat, sunlight, dust or humidity. While prints are resistant to light fading there are practical limits. Even where you live determines the strength of the sunlight hitting the surface of the picture. But it's not a good idea to have them basking for hours in the morning sunlight day after day or sitting above the rice steamer. Framed photos can exist in places such as bathrooms but please discuss location issues with your framer, as they will know best how to advise you.

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