About photographer Andrew Kalda of Andrew Kalda Photographic Images

Sydney born photographer Andrew Kalda left Sydney and the IT industry in 2003 to devote his time fully to his love of photography. Self taught in the art, Andrew creates unique images with both film and digital equipment using 35mm, medium format and panoramic cameras to capture his images.

Andrew creates his work in a wide variety of genres including traditional landscape, abstract, macro and contemporary works.

With the current profusion of images that have been heavily altered, Andrew draws a clear definition when it comes to the digital manipulation of his work. The underlying principle is that the viewer of the photograph should be aware if the image has been altered: the original nature of the image should always be obvious.

While Andrew will use digital manipulation to express a particular mood or idea, his landscape and natural abstract works tend to draw purely on nature and natural light.

It is important that while the provenance of the photograph be available (that is where and how the photograph was taken), the interpretation of what the photograph means be left to the viewer.

A photograph is a moment, but a perfect moment. It is complete.

Andrew currently lives in Canberra, Australia.

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